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This is where you create user Roles used in the permission architecture

Basically, a Role determines the access to functionalities, or aspects of VisionProject.  Each user Group have one Role.  A user can have different user groups in different projects. The groups determine what data you have access to - many parts of VisionProject(issues, documents, etc) allows for setting permissions to selected user groups.

The functionality of a Role is edited in the tab 'Edit Role Permissions'.


To create a new Role, just click 'Add new role', enter a name and press submit. Be sure to go to the 'Edit Role Permissions' page to configure the functionality of the new role. 


The table lists all current roles on the account. These roles are available for user groups in the 'Edit User Group' page.

The Actions column shows a number of functions for each Role:

  • Delete - click this to delete the role
  • Edit role - currently only the Role name can be edited..  
  • Copy role - You will be promted for the name of the copied role. This new role will have the same Role permissions as the original one.

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