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What are work log categories?


Work log categories are a way to group work logs according to some theme. They are used for sorting the worklogs.

You edit them in the account settings (available from the General panel to the left).


The table in the page shows all current work log categories. You can do the following:

  • Add: click on the link 'Add new' in the header, to create a new category. You will get a dialog where you can enter the name and description.
  • Edit: click on the edit icon for the category in the table, to open the dialog. Edit name/description and press submit.
  • Delete: click on the delete icon in the category table to remove the category to remove the work log category. 



As of version 8.0 you have the ability to mark a work log category as inactive. This means that it will no longer be selectable when creating a new work log. If you try to delete a work log category that is in use by a work log this category will be set to inactive.

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