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This portlet type contains the result of an issue search/filter

The option Saved searches/Filters consists of portlets showing the results of an existing search.

By default it shows the columns type, issue key, title, status and project. You can change this by going to a column header, clicking on the 'down' button, and selecting the 'Columns' option in the menu. There you will see a list of all available columns. Use the checkboxes to choose the columns you want.

Issues shown in the portlet can be opened by double-clicking, and right clicking opens the context menu, which contains more options.

To create a new search portlet, just click on Select content.. in the dashboard,  open the Saved Searches/Filters menu, and select one from the list of available searches. The available searches are the same as the ones open to you in the Searches panel (One of the tabs in the bottom of the navigation panel to the left).

If no suitable search is found, then you can create a new Search in the Searches panel.  Customize a search with relevant search criteria and save it with a descriptive name. It should then be available for selection in the Save content --> saved searches/filters menu.

To update a search click on the edit icon to the right (paper with green pen) to go to the Search page for that search/filter, where you can adjust the search criteria further if you want to, before doing the search. The red X icon deletes the search.


NOTE! Searches have permissions (which you can see after you save) either private, for all or for a specific group. Check with the rest of the team before you update a search.

NOTE! Searches can be used as a filter in the issue table so if you update the filter it will change in all places.




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