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Design sub-tab - Support Center page

This page is where you configure the design of the support center and it can be found from the Support Center tab in your support project.

Design page for support center tabs


The page has two main sections, one with information, and one with the support center templates.


Design support center information


This section contains a preview link, as well as useful public url links for the support center.

  • Preview - This opens the support center in a new tab, so you can take a look at it.
  • Direct links - The direct links are URLs for the different parts of the support center (first page, forums, issue tracking, knowledge base, documents). Note that different projects have different support center hashcodes (the part after 'supportCenter=' in the URL) 


Support center pages

NOTE: We only recommend that someone with knowledge of html makes changes of the design. Also before you start make sure to back up the code in case you need to roll back.
Do you need help with designing/coding the support center please contact our team for a quote.


This section has three expandable/collapsible subsections, one each for header, content and footer.


This allows you to control the look and feel (visual appearance) and function of your support center. Just change the template HTML code to all three sections, and click SAVE button.


The HTML code in this section also supports the Velocity template language, more info about this is available here: Using this script language you can for example, use IF-ELSE logic to hide certain parts of the portal. 


There are several parameters available, listed below. The first ones can be used to hide/show certain sections of the page depending on what components have been enabled in the system. 

  • $forumEnabled
  • $ideasEnabled
  • $kbEnabled
  • $documentsEnabled
  • $ticketsEnabled
  • $supportChatEnabled
  • $supportCenterCode
  • $productName


 For customers using the installed version of VisionProject: You can change the default template files that populate the header, content and footer sections if you want. They are located in the documentPath (where your VisionProject files are stored)

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