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In version 2.2 of VisionProject we have introduced a new module called the support center. The support center can be seen as a public area for your project and makes it very easy for you to communicate with and give support to your end users or customers 24 hours a day.

Here are some of the highlights of version 2.2 of VisionProject and changes made compared to the previous version, 2.1.2.

Adjustable start page

The start page for the support center is completely adjustable. This means that you can add more specific information to it or make other changes to it if you like. You can also change the header and footer which makes it easy for you to integrate it into an already existing web site.

Document archive

You can publish documents or a whole document structure from your project out to the support center and your end users or customers.This can be done by marking a checkbox called ”Show in support center” on a file or folder in the document archive for your project. This can be used for user manuals, release notes or other relevant information.

Discussion forums

In the discussion forums you can share knowledge and discuss all issues related to your project with your end users. You can also categorize your forums to suit your needs. You can control what forums should be available in the support center by selecting a checkbox called ”Show in support center” on a forum in VisionProject.

Issue tracking

To make it easy for your end users to report a bug or request a new feature, a lightweight view of the issue tracking system i VisionProject is also available for them. At any time the users can follow the status of their requests or bug reports in their own personal issue list.

Knowledge base

Included in the support center is also a knowledge base where you can create, categorize and publish articles to your end users. All articles in the knowledge base can be search through to find information quickly.

Email ticket system

To make it easier for you to communicate with your customers we have also introduced a new email ticket system. It is completely integrated into the issue tracking module and enables you to receive support issues through emails sent from your customers.

Each project in you account can be associated with an email account of your choice such as that VisionProject will poll every 15 minutes. When an email arrives it will be imported into VisionProject and added to the issue list.

This module is included in the support center but can also be used separately.

New user role

A new user role called ”customer” has been introduced in VisionProject to be able to handle external users that will use the support center. However, it is only required for users to register themselves if they want to register issues or add forum topics in the discussion forum.

How to start using the support center or email ticket system?

All the new features can be activated through the new tab ”Additional features” available in the company information section in your account.

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