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 2013‑04‑05 ‑ Service unreachable Export knowledge base Export     SubscribeSubscribe      Show article info


VisionProject was unreachable from 19:11 to 21:09 (CET/UTC+2) on 5th of April


The reason for the disruption was that our hosting provider/ISP had a hardware failure in their network infrastructure. All hardware and network components that our service depend on should be redundant based on our SLA and this type of error should not be able to occur.


We will discuss this outage with our provider to get more detailed information of how this could happen and how they can guarantee that this or similar problem can't occur in the future. This article will be updated with more information shortly. 


Of course, this type of disruption should not happen to our service and we strive to keep VisionProject up and running all the time. However, even with this minor downtime we haven't breached our guarantee of 99.9% uptime during the past year. 

A related secondary problem occurred on Monday for a few of our clients where routed to a node in our cluster that wasn't correctly re-configured after the disruption on Friday, so it would fail sometimes and not allow users to log into the system. After our support staff we were informed about this problem it could be quickly resolved. 


We are very sorry for the disruptions to our service and apologize for the inconvenience this may have caused you.  


If you have any questions related to this incident please contact me or my colleagues at or by phone on +46 771 105000.


Best Regards, 


Jonas Fagerström, CEO, Visionera AB

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