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This page shows a burn-down graph for a project iteration, and you can edit remaining times


Note: Iterations, have many other names - sprints, milestone, project phase etc..

The page has three main parts:


Edit remaining times for sprint - select the project sprint of interest in the dropdown list. This updates the sprint info and the issue table.


sprint Info - this block shows sprint data to the left and a burn-down graph to the right, showing progress on the sprint.


  • Sprint number - the sprint number. Click on it to go to the sprint page.
  • Description - sprint description
  • Start date, Release date - These dates show the time frame of the sprint. There is a progress bar showing how many days have passed in the sprint.
  • Days remaining - how many days left to deadline
  • Original estimate, Remaining time - The total number of hours of Estimated time and Remaining time for the whole sprint. There is a progress bar showing the number of remaining hours to the total time. 
  • Burn-down graph - click on the 'refresh' to update the graph if needed.


Issue table - this table shows all issues in the sprint, and you can edit remaining times directly in the table. 


The table columns are:

  • Issue key, title, status and owner - these are items of general info
  • Estimated time - This column shows the estimated time for the issues, with a total. Cells are editable. Just enter a new value, and move the focus to update the table.
  • Remaining times - these columns show the remaining times for each day, allowing you to see the progress on the issue. The cells are editable and update on focus change. By default the next 7 days are shown, but you can change it by selecting another option in the 'Show days'  drop down list. You can also see more days by clicking another page in the pagination. 

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