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This is a view over the work hours available for users over the weeks

Basically this is an editable table where you can enter/change data directly in the table. One column per week, and one row for each user in the project. Weeks are shown with week numbers.

By default the table will show the next 10 weeks, starting with the current week. Click on the green forward and backward arrows to move the shown time interval 10 weeks back or forward in time.

Each cell shows the number of hours the given user works in that week.


"Copy from profile"-link

By clicking the "Copy from Profile"-link all 10 weeks are filled with the value entered in the "Resource management" section of the user profile settings. If no value is entered in the profile then this link is not available for the user.


"Enter availability"-link

By clicking the "Enter availability"-link all 10 weeks are filled with the specified value.



This page is used to enter the amount of available work hours for users assigned to the selected project. For example, someone works 40 hours per week, another only works 20 hours per week on that project, or only works some weeks on the project. This data is then used for the Resource Availability report that can show total worked time over all projects for the users.

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