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The Project Users page lists users on the project

This page contains a list of users on the project


  • Name - 'Real' name of the user. Used in many places in VisionProject.
  • Username - Login name of the user. 
  • Email address - Usually the work related mail address.
  • Phone - User phone number. This is usually the phone at work.
  • Group - Which user group the given user belongs to. This affects accesses to many functions in VisionProject.
  • Company - Which company the given user belongs to.


In addition, three functions are in the page:

  • Show support users checkbox: If this is checked, the table shows the all users on the project, including support users. Default is showing all except support users.
  • Manage users for this project: Opens a page where you can select which users should have access to this project, which User group they should have n this project, and if they only should be able to see their assigned issues. Note: you can have a different user group on a project than you do on the account.
  • Invite users: This opens a dialog where you can write an invitation (mass-)mail to add new users. The recipients can then logon using the link given in the mail. You can also select  the user role for the created users in the dialog. 
  • Settings for invite users: This opens a dialog where you can tailor which usergroups should be able to invite others as. For example, you can set it so that admins are the only group being able to invite others as administrators, and limit other user groups to invite others as user groups with more restricted permissions.   
  • Send email to selected users: This opens a dialog where you can send an email to all the selected users of the project (available in version 8.0).

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