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General sub-tab - Support Center tab page

This page is where you configure the support center and it  can be found from the Support Center tab in your support project.


The Support Center tab page has three sub-tabs - General, Design and Knowledge base. This article will focus on the General sub-tab, the others have their own articles.


On the General sub-tab for the Support Center you set the General settings (see below) but this is also where you enable:

  • Documents
  • Knowledge Base
  • Issue Tracking System
  • Idea Management
  • Forums


General settings: This section basically have a number of checkboxes to control aspects of the support center. Cross off the checkboxes you need and click update.

  • Activate the support center - Check this if the project should have a support center at all.
  • Login required - Check this if login always should be required for the support center.
  • Allow a user to create a user account - Check this if support users should be able to create an account themselves
  • Support users can see all issues with reporters from their company  - Check this setting if you want support users to see all issues that has been reported by users from their company. Otherwise, they will only see their own issues.
  • Support users can see all email conversation on issues that she has access to,  if not selected then show only email conversation from or to the support user - This setting explains itself.
  • Restrict access to articles in the knowledge base based on user's products/CI's - This setting affects the KB, i.e. to limit what articles a user can see based on what products he/she has


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