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With this, you can automatically assign incoming emails to companies based on the email address

This is a setting on a company on the "General" sub-tab, in the "Contact information" section to the right.


"Domain mappings in Email ticket system" is used together with the email ticket system. 


By writing domains in this box, all unknown new users with matching email addresses that send in emails to your ticket system will be added as users on this company. 


For example:

  1. You add a company called 'Qwerty', and enters the domains '', ''.
  2. Then, when somebody mailing from '' the first time will automatically be added as a user on the company Qwerty.
  3. The issue created from this email will then have 'Qwerty' as the Reporter Company field.

This is very useful for mail support management, as many users from client companies usually have the same domain in the email address.

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