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It is up to you and your organization!  


You can configure which type of issues you want to use for your organization and then you select which types every project should use. When configuring an issue type you specify which name and icon that should be used.


An example: Organization "Vision AB" configures these issue types: 'Bug', 'Task', 'Improvement', 'Support issue' and 'Todo' (in the Account Settings section). For the project "Our Support", 'Bug' and 'Support issue' is choosen and for the project 'My todo' the issue type 'Todo' is the only choosen issue type.


Every issue type can also be configured to use different issue fields. This means that for the issue type 'Bug' all field is configured to be used but for the issue type 'Todo', "Title", "Description" and "Priority" are the only avaiable fields.



NOTE: When you create a new trial account these issue types will be created per default: 'Bug', 'Task', 'Feature request' and 'Support issue'.

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