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Version 2.3 was released in 2006.


In this version more focus has been put into making VisionProject more flexible and you can now customize it more for your specific needs. For instance:

  • You can select which issue fields should be used in a project
  • You can customize which user roles should have access to certain fields
  • You can rename issue fields

Issue management

A lot of new functionality and improvements have been put into the issue tracking in VisionProject

  • You can choose which issue types should be used on a project.
  • You can save filters on the issues tab and share them between users
  • You can control which columns should be visible in the issues tab and when editing issues.
  • You can group issues on the issues tab
  • A new field ”component” has been added to an issue
  • A new field ”deadline/due date” has been added to an issue
  • New fields ”remaining time” and ”actual time” has been added to an issue
  • You can select from existing versions when specifying the affected versions field on an issue 

Improved file and document management

The file and document management in VisionProject has been greately improved in the latest version. New intuitive icons make it more visually pleasing.

1. Move files – Move one or several individual files from one folder to another:

  • Select the files you want to delete and click ”move”.
  • The next step is to select where the files should be moved to; choose the target folder in the drop down box. 
  • Click ”move” to transfer the files to the target folder.

2. Delete files – Several files can be removed at once; just select the files or folders that you want to delete and click ”delete”

3. Ability to create and edit text and HTML files directly in your web browser in a Wiki like fashion

  • Click ”New document”
  • Choose the file type that you want to create
  • Choose the file name
  • Write whatever you like in the file; if you have chosen to create a HTML file you can use the formatting tools available to you in the bottom of the screen.
  • Click save to actually save the file to the current folder.

New improved corporate branding module

The corporate branding module has prevoiusly been manually configured. However, since the request for this functionality has increased lately by our customers we have autmated it. It is now possible to configure the corporate branding functionality yourself.

  • You can enable the corporate branding feature in the ”Account settings” section under the ”additional features” tab”
    • Corporate branding plus is the fully blown functionality where you can add your own logotype as well as changing the stylesheet for VisionProject
    • Corporate branding is the limited version where you can change the logotype of VisionProject, but you will still have a ”Powered by VisionProject” icon at the bottom of the screen.
  • In the ”branding” tab you can:
    • Change the logotype in VisionProject for one of your own
    • Upload your own stylesheet (css) file to change the look and feel of the system, such as colors and fonts.

User management

Some minor improvements have been made to the user section in VisionProject. By default old inactive users aren’t visible any longer, they can however be shown using the ”show inactive users”.


Improvements to the version tab includes the ability to order versions and close old versions. There is also a new progress bar available showing the current progress, number of opened and closed issues, for a specific version.

Start page

  • Shortcuts to tabs in a project
  • Shortcut to create any issue type
  • Company info section has been changed to Account settings
  • User management is now moved to a main section of its own next to Account settings

New sub tabs for project page

  •  The Project info sub-tab and users sub-tab has been moved from the settings tab to the project tab.
  •  There is a new statistics sub-tab available where some basic user oriented information is available.

Issues tab

The issues tab has been greatly improved on many accounts, for instance:

  • Sub tabs with drop down boxes from sub-tabs 
  • Filters with drop down boxes from sub-tabs 
  • Possible to group issue tab results by different criterias such as Issue type, status, owner etc. 
  • Create your own layouts to define what fields that shuold be visible in the issues table 
  • Create your own filters to define what data should be visible


The settings tab has been restructured to make it easier to manage.

  • Manage the issue types that you want to use in the specific project. 
  • Set the issue field configuration you want to use for the specific project

Issue field configurations

The new concept or issue type configurations that has been introduced, make it possible for you to configure what fields the different issue types should have for your projects. You can also define or restrict access (read, write and no access) to different fields for different users.

Define issue types

The issue types can now be defined specifically for your needs. You can use the nomenclature you are used to as well as define the specific icons you want to use.


All tables in VisionProject are now sortable.

Invoice management and other scheduled services

New automatic scheduled jobs, makes it easier for us to manage our customers in a more efficient manner.

  • Reminder mails are now sent out at regular intervals
    • first a couple of days before an invoice is overdue 
    • then a couple of days after it is overdue warning
  • If money haven’t been received in our company bank account 2 weeks after the invoice has been sent out VisionProject now senses it automatically and disables that account.

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