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The hosted version of VisionProject 9.1 was released on February 23 2013

As usual new version includes many new features and improvements requested by our customers!

All new features are visible in the Knowledge Base Images/Icons/48x48/lightbulb_on.png idea management section in the the support centre on the tab "Planned" for our customers.


Improved performance in dashboard and searches by limiting data amount

We previously had problems with performance where an executed query sometimes took to much resources and was not as fast as needed when returned.

To alleviate this problem, the data returned is now limited into pages. For grids,  such as in the dashboard and searches, it is replaced with a "paged"  grid. So now you do not need to think about what queries you are asking and how much data they will return. All queries runs quickly now.


Possible to apply Work schedule to SLA instead of SLA Target

To make it easier to handle SLA's for different timezones it is now possible to set work schedules on the SLA level, not only on the SLA Target.

The work schedule on the SLA Level overrides the work schedule on the SLA Target if it is used. This will make it much easier to administer SLAs and you don't have to duplicate all SLA Targets for different SLAs.

Easy select of product release for a sprint/iteration

It is now only possible to select releases and not, as previously, possible to select CIs of all types.

Fixed problem with in-line images when merging issues

The in-line images in your issues/tickets are not lost any more if you merge issues/tickets.


Velocity design templates in the support center

By adding support for velocity language (  in the design templates you can now get more control over the design of  the support center look and feel.

For example you can add  if-else logic to hide certain sections of the page (such as links to  documents, forums, issues and so on) you can also use get-parameters and  so on. More information is available in this KB article.


Improved issue/ticket reports with added user group as filters

You can now filter out and get reports per team/user group. Improved  task/issue csv/excel import function to include custom fields.
The  task/issue/ticket import function only included standard fields before  when importing from csv/excel file. This have now been improved to also  support custom fields.

Cell phone number shows in user info dialog

A person's cell phone number now shows in the info dialog available when clicking on the info-icon next to a user drop down box.

Improved initial response time report - use work schedule

It is now possible to take the SLA/Work schedule into account when calculating the Initial response time.


Quick-add iteration/phase/sprint in the timeline

We have now made it quick and easy to add iterations/phases/sprints  by right clicking on a project or on a previous iteration/phase/sprint  in the timeline.

Quick-add release in timeline

We have now made it quick and easy to add a new release by right-clicking on a product or a previous release in the timeline.


Improved relationship graph in CMDB - add filter

It is now possible to select only certain relationships in the graph and see these, such as see "depends on" or "hosted on" etc.


Improved Knowledge Base search results

The Knowledge Base search now returns a better improved list with information regarding category, numbers, reads etc.

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