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Different web browsers perform very differently. Unfortunately IE 10 is a very popular web browser that normally performs quite poorly. Here are a couple of tricks to boost performance of VisionProject on your computer.



  • Make sure you aren't using several VisionProject instances att the same time (in different tabs or browser windows)
  • Minimize the number of applications running at the same time
  • Minimize the number of web browser tabs/windows that are open when running VisionProject
  • If possible choose to run Chrome or Firefox instead of IE, it is faster
  • If you need to use IE then use the latest version, IE 11 instead of IE 10 or IE 9, please do not use MS Edge



  • Try to measure your network speed for Stockholm, Sweden by using these resources:
    • Http://  
      • Click on the button "Starta mätning" in the middle of the screen
      • Wait for the result  
        • "Skicka filer" - Send speed
        • "Ta emot filer" - Receive speed
        • Svarstid - latency
    • Do a ping test against, and copy/note the data. 
    • Do a tracert test against, and copy/note the data.
    • (You can read about how to use ping and tracert in this article)


  • You can also use the SG TCP Optimizer found here to help you improve your performance

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