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The hosted version of VisionProject 8.5 was released on the 1st of December 2012

The new version includes many new features and improvements requested by our customers!

All new features are visible in the Knowledge Base Images/Icons/48x48/lightbulb_on.png idea management section in the the support centre on the tab "Planned" for our customers.


The most important improvements are also highlighted below:



New Configuration Items graph

The great new graph view in the CMDB makes it very easy for you to visualize and see all relationships and connections between your different Configuration Items (CI) in your environment, such as business services, applications, servers and other equipment.


View a video demo about the new CMDB graph (opens in new window).


Knowledge Base Images/Products / configuration management/cmdb_graph.png

Fig. 1: Graph view in the CMDB

Filter function in several new places

A new filter function is added to the:

  • Product/CI/CMDB grid
  • Issue tab for Users
  • Issue tab for Companies.


Find what you are looking for even faster using this new function. More places coming up in future releases!

Knowledge Base Images/Company info/company-issue-filterfunction.png

Fig. 2: Issue tab for Companies


Possible to import issues from Excel file

It is now very easy to import any issues you may have from an Excel/CSV file. You can find the function under the import icon Knowledge Base Images/Icons/import2.gif on the Issues tab.


Improved SLA management

It is now possible to manually change the SLA on issues if the system can't figure out what SLA to use. In most cases the SLA will be set automatically, and is not changeable, but in some cases you might need to.


This applies in a scenario where you have overlapping service contracts that cover the same business service(s) or where some of the equipment is the same (or for similar category of work). 


In most cases you configure the system so that this isn't the case, but sometimes this may be a valid scenario, and in that case you now have the option to set the SLA manually. The behaviour before this release was that the SLA created first was used.


Warning deleted

The warning "Do you want to do an 'Email reply' to the reporter", that has come up every time you save an issue that has been received via email, has now been deleted. We have listen to our customers and it has been proven that this warning has been more annoying that useful.


Product/service on issues

The product/service field is now mandatory when an issue is created. If you only have one product/service is is now pre-selected when creating an issue to make the process even more simple.


The field title is added to the user form

It is now easier to keep track of what titles your users/contacts have.


Possible to set default permission for comments and documents on an issue

A new setting under Project settings has now been added so you can select if you would like Everyone, Just me or All except support users should be the default permission for comments and documents on an issue.



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