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 2012‑11‑20 ‑ Firewall problems Export knowledge base Export     SubscribeSubscribe      Show article info

During the last couple of weeks our customers have on occasion been experiencing and reported disruptions in our service. When this happens it hasn't been possible to reach our servers at all. 


The outages are short when they occur, normally just a minute or two and then our service is reachable again, but sometimes these disruptions are several minutes long. They normally happen during evenings (CET/UTC+1), but have also happened during the day. 


We were made aware of these problems recently and have since then been working hard to figure out why they occur and find a solution. It has been hard to track down the root cause due to the intermittent nature of the problems and since they don't last long. However, we have now been informed that these disruptions are actually due to a problem in the firewall cluster that is delivered as a service by our hosting partner (IP-only).


This issue has a very high priority and we have been promised by IP-only that they are working hard together with Fortinet (firewall manufacturer) to resolve it quickly. Hopefully within a couple of days.


These problems are very unfortunate, we are sorry for these outages and apologize for this. If you have any problems connecting to our service during the next couple of days or have any questions regarding this issue then please contact us at

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