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The hosted version of VisionProject 8.4 was released on the 3rd of November 2012

The new version includes many new features and improvements requested by our customers!

All new features are visible in the Knowledge Base Images/Icons/48x48/lightbulb_on.png idea management section in the the support centre on the tab "Planned" for our customers.


The most important improvements are also highlighted below.

Improved mobile application

The mobile app has been greatly improved and are now easier and faster to use.


Some of the new features are:

  • you are now able to email from the system so that a new task/issue is created
  • issues can be deleted
  • searching has been added to users/contacts, companies/customers and task/issues


The upgraded framework (Sencha Touch) has improved the following areas:

  • Speed
  • Better support for Android
  • Better scrolling

Read more about the mobile application and its features here.

Email processing rule for product

It is now possible to set the product on an issue based on email account in the email ticket system.


New standard field - Product/Service Component

A new standard field for product/service component has been created. This is dependent on the product field, i.e. it shows sub items of the product after this has been selected.


If no product is chosen the product component is only restricted by the node type selection in the issue field configuration.


New email processing rule for product

It is now possible to set the product on an issue based on email account in the email ticket system, such as: --> sets "Product X" --> sets "Product Y"


New warning before an unsaved KB article is closed

The dialog popup "Add new KB article" has been improved so that it gives you a warning if you haven't saved the article before closing the dialog box.


Filter function on the Company issue tab 

Now all columns have a filter field on top in Companies > Issues so that   it is easy to search/sort the columns. The filter fields are easy to hide when/if you do not find them useful.


In future releases this will be added consistently throughout the system to  improve filtering on all tables.


Export function on the Company issue tab

A new export function is now available on the issue tab for Company. When you click the button you can select several different formats and what fields you like to export.


Company is now a standard field on CIs/Products

Company (owner) is now a standard field on CIs/Products. All  CIs/Products for that  company is visible on the Company.

This is important to see information about licenses/items sold to, or managed for certain companies.


Worklog category is possible to set as mandatory

It is now possible to set the category field as mandatory on worklogs.  You do this this in the project/workspace settings.


Improved function to attach files on email reply/forward

More information about the files to choose from are now included, such as:

  • How the file was created (fetched from e-mail etc.)
  • File size
  • When it was created
  • Who created the file


Improved error management in 

If something goes wrong during the parsing of emails by the email ticket system, such as by very large or malformed emails then these will be stored in a new folder in the documents section called Errors.


It is also possible to specify email addresses that will be notified about the problem

Required fields for "Quick adding" contacts on issues/cases

The system only requires one of the following fields:

  • phone
  • email
  • mobile phone

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