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This article describes how to install Tigase XMPP Server on windows.


NOTE! The version to be installed is tigase-server-7.0.3-b3834 


Direct link to the download:


Note! When running the installation. Please check the notes below!



Notes during installation process

In step 3. 


Choose both installation and configuration (default).


In step 7.  


Uncheck the database drivers that not will be used. Keep the rest untouched.



In step 13. 


Configuration type: Default + extra components.

Your XMPP domain: Make sure it is lower case all the way. 

Choose your database (Derby, MySql or MS SQL Server).


At the end you might get a warning that the program did not install correctly but it can be ignored.

After installation

(tigase_root is the root folder of the Tigase Server)

(vp_root is the root folder of where VisionProject is installed)


1. Edit the chatDomain and tigase_home value in the file vp_root\WEB-INF\internal_docs\installed_version\configuration\chatmodule\

to the directory where you installed tigase.


The path (since it is used in an ant script) the directories should be separated by slash and not the normal backslash.


For example: "tigase_home = C:/development/Tigase"




2. Open a terminal in  vp_root/WEB-INF/internal_docs/installed version/configuration/chatmodule/  and run:

   "ant\bin\ant.bat -f vp-postinstall.xml"


3. In tigase_root/etc/ at the line --user-db-uri add &autoCreateUser=true if you are using Mysql and ;autoCreateUser=true if you are using Derby at the end.


--user-db-uri = jdbc:mysql://localhost/tigasedb?user=someUser&password=somePassword&autoCreateUser=true


If you run VisionProject on MS SQL Server.

Copy the MS SQL jdbc driver sqljdbc4.jar from vp_root/WEB-INF/lib to tigase_root/jars/

In the file tigase_root/wrapper.conf (At the classpath definition) at the following lines (assuming is the last entry):



Installation as a service

On Windows you can install Tigase as a service. To do it use the InstallTigaseService.bat batch file found also in server root directory.

In this mode service will be running in background and will be controllable from the Services management snapshot. To launch the tool right click on the Computer icon on the desktop. Choose the Manage action. It will run the Computer management graphical configuration program. On the left side choose the Services item. You will be shown with a list of services. Here you can find Tigase service when it will be installed.

To uninstall Tigase service use the UninstallTigaseService.bat file from Tigase server root directory.



To start Tigase


Start the Tigase service that you have installed.



Tigase and VisionProject.


If you restart the Tigase Server you should restart the Tomcat server afterwards. This is so the "push-functionality" will continue to work. 

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