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This article describes how to install Tigase XMPP Server on a Linux distribution.


 NOTE! The version to be installed is tigase-server-7.0.3-b3834 


1. First download the installation file. 



2. Run the console installer.

java -jar tigase-server-7.0.3-b3834.jar -console


Follow the guide at

Some notes.

In the step Basic configuration choose:  Default plus extra components.

Otherwise run the guide until everything is installed. Wait with the step running the server until later.



After installation

(tigase_root is the root folder of the Tigase Server)

(vp_root is the root folder of where VisionProject is installed)


1. Edit the chatDomain and tigase_home value in the file vp_root/WEB-INF/internal_docs/installed_version/configuration/chatmodule/

 -change tigase_home to the directory where you installed tigase.



2. Open a terminal in vp_root/WEB-INF/internal_docs/installed_version/configuration/chatmodule/ and run:

   chmod +x ant/bin/

   ant/bin/ -f vp-postinstall.xml


3. In tigase_root/ect/ at the line --user-db-uri add &autoCreateUser=true at the end.


-user-db-uri = jdbc:mysql://localhost/tigasedb?user=someUser&password=somePassword&autoCreateUser=true


4. You can start the tigase server from tigase_root with:

  /scripts/ start etc/tigase.conf

or make it starting automatically:

  • Take script here and put it into /etc/init.d on you server
  • Open the file and change parameter TIGASE_HOME tou your own tigase installation path (tigase_root)
  • Set the file executable:

sudo chmod u+x /etc/init.d/tigase

  • Install init script links: 

sudo update-rc.d tigase defaults 


Then you can start(stop) it using the following command

sudo /etc/init.d/tigase start(stop)

Tigase and VisionProject.


If you restart the Tigase Server you should restart the Tomcat server afterwards. This is so the "push-functionality" will continue to work. 


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