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Attachments on issues / Issue documents tab

This page is very similar to the (project) Documents page, except it shows documents on issues instead of on the project itself. It has a section with function links above a table of the documents. 


  • The first two columns show the issue key and title for the particular issue the document is attached to. Clicking on either, will open the issue.
  • Next column is the document name. Click on this to download the document. (assuming you have permissions for this)
  • The pad lock shows if the document is locked or not. (see more information below)
  • The columns size, modified, and modified by shows how big the document is, when it was last modified, and by whom.
  • The final column contains action icons for downloading, editing or deleting the document.


Issue documment


Locking documents


The column "Locked?" in the document page shows "padlock" icons. Just click on the lock for the document you want to lock, and the icon changes into a locked padlock.

Now, the icons for "edit document" and "edit document content" will be disabled for this document. You can still download the document though.


You can hover the mouse over a locked icon to see who locked the document.

As of now, developers can click on the lock to unlock the document, but they will get a warning that someone else locked it.


Action icons
These are the individual action icons for the docu

ments, from left to right:

          Note: Not all icons need be visible. Locked documents does not show edit icons, for example.

  • Download: Downloads the document.
  • Direct link: Click on this to see a popup with the direct URL for a document published in the support center.  You can click on the url to download the document via the support center. This URL is useful in support, if you want to give a direct link to document for an external user/customer, who then can download it. Be careful to not publish sensitive documents!!
  • Edit: Shows the 'Edit document' page, where you can change description, or even replace the document with another (usually an updated version of the original)
  • Edit content: What this does depends on document type:        
    • HTML or text documents: Shows the 'Edit document content' page, where you can see and edit the content in an editor.
    • Other files: will download the document, and open it in a suitable program. You can then edit the document, save and close.  VisionFlow will then update the online document with the local changes. This should work for the most common programs/file formats.



Uploading a document

If you want to add a document to the issue simply click on the Attach document link on the bottom of the Attachment tab. This will bring up a pop-up window (see below) were you choose your document, add a description if needed and click Save.


Upload issue document

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