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Searching for text in issue filter mode


Filter mode is available in the 'Issues' tab page, adding filtering options to the issue list. Searching on statuses, priorities, reporters, et cetera - fields that has a defined subset of choice - has been available for a while. Now, you can quickly search for text in some issue fields (issue key, title, description and tags).


When selecting Filter mode, you will see some text fields above the relevant columns. Just enter text , and press enter. The issue list will then be filtered on the content of the text field, showing issues that have matching issue keys/titles/descriptions/tags.


Note: The search term need only match a part of the name (Searching on 'test' will find 'BugTest', 'Test this stuff', 'Fastest' as well as 'Test').

Multiple search terms are separated with a space, and will find terms that contain all of the terms. (searching on 'test support' will match any issues having 'test' and 'support'.)

Note how searching for 'b' above finds both Carbon as well as Boron and Beryllium. Searching on 'b on' would find Carbon and Boron, but not Beryllium.



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