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How do I use and create project templates?


You can create template projects/workspaces that you can use when creating new projects. This is an ordinary project where you have created a specific configuration of settings, that you want to use in new projects as well.


General outline:

  1. Create a new project, preferably named 'X_template' or something so you know its a template. It can also be a good idea to create a project category named 'templates', and have all template projects there.
  2. Configure this project - settings, issue fields, custom fields, accesses, issues(perhaps a few template issues), documents, forum, support center and so on...
  3. Copy the template project by right clicking on it in the projects section on the left.
  4. Then, mark the relevant check boxes for carrying over issues, documents, support, etc. (You already get the settings by default). Be sure to set the new category to something else than 'template'.
  5. If you have laid out tasks, meetings or sprints in the timeline (by setting dates), then these will be laid out relative to the start date that you set.
  6. From now on, use the new working project as normal.


This setup saves time if you often create  several similar project, perhaps  one project per product, sprint, iteration or what suits your needs. You then only need to do the major configuration once, for the template project.  

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