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How to create new custom fields for issues



Creating a custom issue field

Sometimes you need to have some additional fields on your issues that does not exist in the system by default.

  1. Go to the custom fields tab in account Settings (Settings - issue configuration - custom fields). (This assumes you have administrator rights)

  2. Click on the add new link, and you will get a dialog, where you can select attributes to the custom field you want to create.
    • Name: This is the name of the custom issue field.

    • Type: There are currently several data types of custom fields available.

      • Text field: For text values.
      • Select list: This is for fields with a limited set of choices. You will get a box where you can enter text in multiple rows. Each row will map to one choice. For example, if the only possible values for your field are 'Blue', 'Green' or 'Red', then you enter these values on three rows. Then only one of those options are possible to select when setting the field.
      • Yes/no: This is for fields that only can be set to yes or no.
      • Date field: For dates. (This will be formatted according to the options set in your preferences.)
      • Date + Time field: As date field, but also includes time field. 
      • Multi select list: Multiple options possible from a limited set of selections, otherwise similar to Select list above.
      • User (No support users): Choose from all non-support users in the project.
      • User (With support users): Choose from all users in the project, including the support users. 
      • Company: Choose one company defined on the account.
      • Configuration Item:  Choose a configuration item. When creating the custom field, you choose a Config item node (including the root). You can then select from all its child nodes when setting value for the issue field. Since version 7.2, this custom field type is multiselect - before that, it was single select only.
      • URL field - This is an URL that can be opened in its own tab.
      • Integer field - This number field can only be set to whole numbers.
      • Decimal field - This number field can be set to decimal numbers.
  3. Click submit. (your new custom field is added to the list)

  4. You can edit and delete existing custom fields in the list, just click on the icons under 'Action'

The list shows all custom fields created on the account, you can choose to add any of these to your issue types, see below.


Selecting a custom field for use in a project

Choosing which custom fields to actually use, is done in the issue field configuration (Settings - issue configuration - issue fields).

Go there, and you will see a list of issue field configurations and the projects they are used in. Click on the issue field configuration for your project, and you will see a list of all issue fields used in that project. The bottom part is issue fields not used, and here is where you should find your new custom field.

Check the box 'Use', and the other relevant configurations for your custom field, such as whether it is mandatory, where it is visible, what issue types it is used in, who has access to it. You can even change the name of the field in the project.

Click update.


Go to your project, open an issue where the custom field is available, and take a look on your new custom field!

The custom field now works as an ordinary field, meaning you can export it, search on it and so on..

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