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The hosted version of VisionProject 8.3 was released on the September 15th 2012

The new version is packed with new features and improvements requested by our customers. The most important changes are listed below.


We also want to send out a special thanks to customers that have been involved in testing and giving feedback for the new functionality in this release. 


If you have any questions or need some clarification in some of the improved areas, then just add a comment to the KB-article or send us an email.


The installed version will be released on the week that starts on 24th of September.


CTI (Computer Telephony Integration)

You can now integrate VisionProject with your existing phone system.


  • “Screen pop” - This means that so that a new issue/ticket is shown when you pick up a phone call.
  • A new “call” link has also been added on top of the screen on issues/tickets, so that you can easily make and track your outgoing calls. If you use a soft phone (Skype or similar) this can also start a call for you.


More info is available here…

User/HR management

It is now possible to keep track of the work hours and vacation for yourself and your colleagues. This means that you now can create a common work schedule for you organization, specifying the normal work hours per day. You can also define general exceptions to this work schedule for everyone by adding holidays or non-working days, such as Christmas Day.  You can also create exceptions on an individual level, such as adding vacations or sick days. These exceptions to the normal work schedule will be taken into consideration in the new resource allocation planning view.


In addition to this a couple of minor additions and improvements have been made throughout the system, such as be able to specify cell phone directly when you quick-create a new user on issues/tickets, and the ability to search for phone number directly in the user-search dialog/popup.


See “Users” -> Select one user -> “Work schedule exception”

See “Profile” -> “Work schedule exception”

Company management

A new account manager field has been added on companies – this makes it possible to store information about who is the responsible person for the customer/company. That person will also receive all notifications for issues/tickets related to the company.


To make it quicker to see all information about a company the “company information dialog” has been improved to also show custom fields (this dialog/popup is shown when you click on the info icon next to the company field). In addition to this, there is a new tab in the dialog/popup showing all previous issues/tickets for that company.


See “Companies” -> Select one company

Issue management

New issue/ticket fields

There are two new standard fields on issues: resolution and checklist. The resolution field can be useful if you want to have a separate field indicating how an issue/ticket has been resolved, such as with a workaround, “Fixed”, “Won’t fix”, “User error”, “Cannot reproduce” and so on. With checklists it is possible to add simple steps that can be checked one by one indicating that they have been completed.  This is useful in many scenarios such as:


  • To make sure certain steps are done before completing a task
  • For decision points, to make sure certain criteria have been met
  • For meeting agendas, to make sure all items have been discussed
  • And so on…


This is enabled in: General -> Settings -> Issue configuration -> Issue fields


See also: General -> Settings -> Issue configuration -> Issue fields

Timer improvements

It is now possible to start a timer directly when opening a ticket. This is helpful when you want to time the whole cycle of registering an issue/ticket and then working on it. This is also available in the new screen-pop functionality when handling incoming calls (see CTI).


This is enabled in: Project -> Settings -> General -> Issue timer/work log settings

New warnings

A new warning has now been added on top of an issue/ticket so that it is possible to see if someone has opened it before you. It is also possible make an issue read-only for the next person editing an issue/ticket, minimizing the risk that two persons try to edit an issue/ticket at the same time.


This is enabled in: Project -> Settings -> General -> General issue settings


CI/Asset field improvment


All assets/CI's will now have a magnifying icon so that you can jump into the CMDB/Asset/Product catalog.


Project management

Activity stream on project

There is now a new “activity” tab available projects where all activities just related to the current project is shown. This means that all communication, in and outgoing, as well as all changes are clearly visible.

An issue/task type can be tagged/flagged as being a milestone.

This means that issues/tasks of this type will show up as a diamond in the timeline/gantt chart. While most customers handle milestones as releases or iterations/phases, some of our customers use milestones as separate events and want these to be clearly visible in the project timeline.


This is enabled in: General -> Settings -> Issue configuration -> Issue types -> Edit

Make it possible to break project categories into sub categories

It is now possible to break down project categories into sub categories/folders. This new structure can also be used in the project reports.

Improved resource management

There is a completely new report to easily get an overview over all team members and how they are allocated in different projects, making sure that they are not over allocated. 


See: Planning -> Resource allocation

Improve iterations/sprints/phases tab on project

The graph on the iterations/sprints tab has been greatly improved and now looks like the same as in the timeline.

News on projects

As a part of the new activity stream on projects you can now also publish news. For this to work you also need the Support center module (since this functionality uses the KB).


Project portfolio management

Project portfolio view

To make it easier to handle project portfolios we have added a new project table view. In this view you can get a clear overview over all your current running or planned projects. You can pick and choose what table columns you want to see and that is relevant to you. For example, you can also easily filter out projects for a certain part of your organization or project related to a certain product or IT service.

New project standard fields have been added

Several new standard fields have been added on a project making it possible to easier get a quick overview of the project health and manage project portfolios.


Risk – How do you rate the risk for your project (chance of success)

Scope – Is the project scope under control and in line with requirements/expectations?

Cost – Is the project cost under control

Quality – How is the project quality?

Schedule – Is the overall project on track?

Benefit - What is the benefit/value of the project for the organization.

Alignment - How well is the project aligned with the business goal


Only the fields that are used/set will be visible in reports, summaries and the project info.

New project portfolio bubble chart

There is a new project bubble chart available in the project summary section. This chart uses the new standard fields mentioned above. This will make it easier for you to prioritize your projects. 

Document management

Copy document

A new function to copy documents and folders have been added. This makes it easy to create template documents that you can then copy and use. 

Time tracking

Work logs on project

Sometimes you just want to track time and add general work logs on a project, i.e. not report time on a task/issue. This is now possible. 

Time report improvement

A new filter "Show only billable" has been added to the report to make it easy to only filter out the work logs that should be billed/invoiced.


E-mail ticket system

High priority emails

It is now possible to send high priority emails from the system. It is also possible to process incoming email with high priority and handle them in different ways, such as setting priority to high.  

Chat and communication

Chat rooms are now auto-joined, this means that you will get more visible messages when someone sends a message into a chat room. 


As a part of the chat module we have also added the capability to add comments into the activity stream on projects.



More info will be added here shortly. 

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