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The hosted version of VisionProject 8.2 was released on the 9th of June 2012

See below for details about the new features and improvements in this release. If you have any questions or need some clarification in some of the improved areas, then just add a comment to the KB-article or send us an email.

We also want to send out a special thanks to customers that have been involved in testing and giving feedback for the new functionality in this release. 


The installed version will be released on the week that starts the 18th June.


Support center

Idea management 

This is a new component in the Support center (self-service portal). This can be used to publish and share ideas/suggestions to any user that you want, in any organization or to a selected number of users in a specific user group.


This means that your customers or end-users now have the ability to easily share and suggest ideas/improvements about your products and services. 


This also means that you shortly will be able to share, discuss and vote on future features and improvements in VisionProject!



Voting on ideas/suggetions (issues)


If you want, you can also enable voting on ideas/suggestions in the system. This means that your customers or end-users, can add their vote on ideas/suggestions (any type of issue) and thereby make it easier for you to prioritize these internally.


For example you can publish a product or release backlog and then have your customers or end-users vote on the things that are most important to them. People can also discuss these ideas and suggestions across organizations och user groups.  


Ability to specify multiple Email ticket systems per project


You can now add any number of email accounts for one and the same project/workspace in the system.


This is useful in many scenarios, such as when having a central service desk (SPOC) that support multiple domains, products or services, and where you also want to keep the original email account name/domain intact (such as and

Knowledge base - improved search and ranking of search results

Several improvements have been made to the knowledge base search function, this now also include comments made to articles and the results from the search are ranked by how many times the search words appear in the title of the article.


If you have categorized your knowledge base articles by using products/services (CI's) then you can also search more easily for related articles.


Issue management

Timer - quick start and stop a running worklog timer

In this version we have made it significantly easier to track time. We have done this by added a timer function on tasks/issues. 


The basic idea is that when a user starts working on an issue a timer is started and when the work is finished the timer is stopped and a work log can be created to register the time on the issue.


More on Issue timers here...



Timer - automatic start and stop a worklog timer based on status changes on issue

It's also possible to trigger issue timer actions based on issue status changes. This is very helpful if you want to track time automatically per issue/ticket/task, such as in a service desk. 


More on Issue timers here...



Work log time settings

In this version it is also possible to choose how time should be reported on work logs. Either this can be specified as before with only a date and time spent, or you can specify that work logs should require both start time and end time.


More on work log settings here...



New custom field types: URL, Integer and Decimal


We have added a couple of new types of custom fields to make the system even more flexible to use. These fields can be used on all objects in the system where custom fields can be added, such as on issues, companies and users. 
By using the URL field you can do many things, for example integrate the system with external data sources, such as monitoring service availability using an external tool, or point to a product download page etc. 
Customer satisfaction survey

You can send a satisfaction survey to the reporter of a case/ticket/issue X hours after it has been closed. 


  • You can enable this in the Project --> Settings --> "Customer Survey" section
  • You also need the field rating on the case/ticket for this to work

Company management

Ability to define organizational structure


It is now easier to keep track of larger organizations and your different contact persons in these organizations. You can define a company structure in any number of levels. This organizational structure is visible wherever a company itself is visible


It is also possible to enable/restrict access to data in different parts of the organization for different user groups. 


Configuration management (Asset/Product/service management)

Issues from related items is shown in the Issues tab (Relationships of type: Contains, Uses and Runs on). The benefit of this is that you easily can get a good overview of all issues that are related to the current object/item.


You can for example set up a relationship where your product consists of other objects that also directly affect your product. This could be a software product that consists of other components and that gives you the ability to view everything.



Company permissions on user group. This is flexible and makes it easy for you to set up different user groups in the organization that are only allowed to see data related to certain companies.
This is useful when you have different people from different organizational units, or business partners, working in the same system account and easily want to limit what customer/company data they are allowed to see.  


New report for email conversations that lets you see the trend of Incoming emails and Replies

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