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Quick edit-saving of documents

This function simplifies updating of documents in projects: 


  • Go to the Documents page on a project, and click on the "edit document content" icon.
  • The document will be downloaded and opened with a program that can handle that document type, on your computer.
  • Edit the document, and then save.
  • The saved document will automatically be uploaded, and replace the older version of the document. You will get a dialog to confirm that you want to re-upload the document, before the original document is replaced.


No more manually downloading a document, opening it locally, editing, saving and manually re-uploading it!


Note: It is important that the editing program saves the file with the same name as it has in the document list - including file extension! For example, if you edit a .docx file in OpenOffice, and it tries to save in its own format .odt, the Quick edit-save will not work. Change your settings in the editing program.

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