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As of version 8.2 of VisionProject, it is possible to select how time is reported on issues, by selecting one of the following two choices (this setting is available in General/Settings/Work log settings/Work log time settings):


Use only work date and time spent

This is the default setting, and also the setting you are used to if you have been using VisionProject before version 8.2. Using this setting means that time is reported on an issue by specifying a date and how many hours of working time has been spent on the issue (time spent).

Use start and end date/time

This option should be selected if all time that is reported on issues must be specified using start time and end time. In the work log dialog you now have to specify the time you started working on the issue, and the time when the work ended. If you edit an issue, and choose to create a work log, the end time will be prefilled with the current date and time. The user now have the choice to either specify the start time (which will cause the time spent field to automatically update it's value), or you can choose to specify the time spent value (which will automatically update the start time to the correct value).



To facilitate the creation of work logs on issues, version 8.2 of VisionProject also includes issue timers that can be used to easily keep track of and log time on issues (see Issue timers for more info).

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