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Several panels in the user interface  


Many functions will open in a new tab, thus allowing you to for example have the Project page and the User page available at the same time.

You can open issues in new tabs as well and use panels and tabs to make work easier.)


Start page navigation


1.    Navigation panel - contains the subpanels General, Projects, Online users and Last visited issues. All functions here will open in a new tab (except for mailing/contacting online users, which is a popup, and Last visited issues, which opens the issue in the relevant project tab). Read more here: Navigation Panel


2.    Tabs - This area is where you find many kinds of tabs.

  • You can have several projects open at the same time, in different tabs. Same with searches - one tab per search.
  • Note: The general tabs always appears leftmost in their own internal order, and other tabs (project tabs, search tabs, profile, etc) appears to the right of them. For example, if you have Dashboard and a project tab open (in that order), and opens the search tab (which is a General tab), it will be placed just after the Dashboard tab instead of at the end. If you decide to open all tabs, the order will then be: (Dashboard, Search, Users, Companies, Time, Reports, Settings, {custom tab 1}, {custom tab 2}, etc...).


3.    Quick links - These links are always available. New Issue and Quick Search are popups, Profile will open a tab, and Logout will exit VisionProject entirely.      

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