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Merge issue 

NOTE! Merge issue will only be available on issues that has "Email" as its source.



A quite common scenario is that you have responded to a customer via email, the TicketId is there in the Subject in your reply. Then your customers does a reply without the TicketId available in the Subject. VisionProject will then create a new support issue instead of adding the email as an "Incoming email" to the original issue. A solution to this problem is to merge the new issue into the previously created issue.


The merge function is available in two places:


Issues list:


  • Make sure the issues of interest are shown in the issues list.
  • Check the issues to be merged, and click the "Update selected issues"-link.
  • If both issues have the Email source, the Merge issues function should be available in the context menu.
  • After selecting "Merge issues", a small dialog is shown where you can choose which issue should be the master issue. 



Edit issue page:
  • Click on the "Merge" link at the top of the issue page. This is shown for issues with the Email source.
  • A dialog "Search for master issue" appears, where you can search for the master issue. A couple of issues may already be shown right away - these are the best candidates, usually with the same name as the issue.
  • Select the master issue to merge the issues.


The master issue remains after the merge, with the content, correspondence and documents from the merged issues added to it.

What happens when you merge an issue with another?
Let's say that we want to merge issue B with issue A (Issue A is the master issue, in other words).
In the merge, this happens:
1. The Description in B will be added as an "Incoming email" to A.
2. If you have any "Incoming email" or "Replies" on B, they will be moved to A.
3. If you have any documents in B, they will be moved to A.
4. If you have configured your "Email ticket system"  to set a status when an Incoming email is received - the status of A  will be changed to that status.

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