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The hosted version of VisionProject 8.1 was released on the 21st of April 2012

See below for details about the new features and improvements in this release. If you have any questions or need some clarification in some of the improved areas, then just add a comment to the KB-article or send us an email.

We also want to send out a special thanks to customers that have been involved in testing and giving feedback for the new functionality in this release. 


The installed version will be released on the week that starts April 30.

New modules

VisionProject has grown quite a bit over the last few years, and it has basically become an operational system for a lots of our customers. But, not all businesses needs everything and because of that we have added two more modules that can be enabled or disabled. These modules are free (and enabled) for existing customers.

Product/Asset/inventory management (CMDB)

The CMDB is where you store your products, assets, inventory, releases, etc, you name it. The items in the CMDB can then be referenced from issues and contracts. You see the CMDB module as a link in the General panel (per default named "Products") and if this module is enabled you will have access to:

  • Products link in the General panel
  • Product field on issues
  • Custom fields of Config item type
  • Product report


CRM Module

Even if you don't have the CRM module enabled you will have a Companies link in the General panel and you will be able to link a user to a Company and link an issue to a Company. If you enable the CRM module you will also have access to these tabs on Companies:

  • Documents 
  • Users
  • Issues 
  • Projects 
  • Contracts
  • Company access


You will not have access to Contracts if the CRM module is not enabled.

Issue management

Ability to limit the "asset/product/service"-field to the items that the customer has purchased (via Contract)

You are now able to configure the standard field "Product" to only show the Products (assets/services) that the customer has purchased (via Contract) OR if the user is set in the field "User by" on the Product. The configuration is done on the Product field in the Issue Field Configuration. 

Merge issue - initially only possible to merge incoming email with an existing issue

A quite common scenario is that you have responded to a customer via email, the TicketId is there in the Subject in your reply, but then your customers does a reply without the TicketId available in the Subject. VisionProject will then create a new support issue instead of adding the email as an "Incoming email" to the original issue. We now have implemented a solution to this problem: "Merge issue".

NOTE! Merge issue will only be available on issues that has "Email" as its source.

This is what happens when you merge an issue with another, lets say that we want to merge B with A. 
1. The Description in B will be added as an "Incoming email" in A.
2. If you have any "Incoming email" or "Replies" on B, they will be moved to A.
3. If you have any documents in B, they will be moved to A.
4. If you have configured your "Email ticket system" to set a status when an Incoming email is received - the status of A will be changed to that status.

Issue templates

If you have standard procedures or if you are simply doing the same thing repeatedly, issue templates can be a huge help. Using Issue templates you can create new issues with some fields pre-filled, and you can also have Documents, Subscribers and Permissions on an Issue template.


Read more about Issue templates here.


Notifications added to Issue alerts and Issue rules

Issue alerts and Issue rules are a quite powerful way to modify attributes on issues. One thing was missing though: Notifications. Now we have it!


All available fields can now be shown in the Planning board

All fields that are available in the project can now be shown in the Planning board. We have also added the ability to sort issues on any column. Please note that if you sort on any other column than "Rank" - you will not be able to rank issues individually within a Version, but you will still be able to drag an issue to another Version.l


Grouping and Filtering is "remembered" between sessions on the Issues-tab

If you have specified any Grouping or Filtering on the Issues-tab - it will still be there the next morning!



User management, access and permissions

It is now possible for users to be part of multiple groups/teams

A user can now have multiple User groups. Both on the Account (Users -> General tab) and on the projects that a user are a member. This is very powerful for, for example: access control and notifications when you have users that has many responsibilities within a project. 


Contract management

New standard fields on Contract

These standard fields has been added to Contracts

  • Name
  • Notice (days)
  • Billing period (months)
  • Amount
  • User


Contract types added

You can now have different Contract types. You can edit the Contract types in "Settings -> Contract settings -> Contract types". For existing customers only one contract type has been created, called "General contract". 


Custom fields on Contract

The same type of custom fields that is available on Users and Configuration items are now available for Contracts.


Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Custom fields on Companies

The same type of custom fields that is available on Users and Configuration items are now available for Companies.


E-mail ticket system

Type-ahead functionality in address fields in Email reply

We have added type-ahead functionality to the To-, Cc- and Bcc-fields when doing an Email reply


Ability to forward a specific incoming email or reply

You can now forward an incoming email or an reply. If you look in the History-tab on an issue you will see an icon with a letter and a green arrow - click that to be able to easily forward the incoming email or a reply.


Text that is written in Email reply is saved as a draft

When you write text in Email reply, it is "remembered", i.e. if you write something, leave the page and then open up Email reply again, you will have the option to load the text that you wrote before.




Contract and SLA on user level, i.e. it is possible to connect a user with a contract

Some of our customers' customers are persons, not companies. We have added some support to make this kind of relationship easier to handle. On Contracts, we have added the field "User" and on the user we have added a tab: "Contracts". If the Contract has a SLA configured - the SLA on issues will work out of the box as well.

Accept/Tentative/Decline links are now shown in the content of Meeting invitations

To be able to support email clients that cannot read meeting invitations properly, we have added links in the meeting content to make it easy to respond to a meeting invitation.


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