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 How do I create a reminder to reply to issues within 1 day? Export knowledge base Export     SubscribeSubscribe      Show article info

To create reminders of this kind you need to create a SLA first.


Follow the steps below:

  • First make sure that you have the following fields on your issues:
    • SLA
    • Next breach
  • If the fields above aren't available on your issues add them in "General" --> "Settings" --> "Issue configuration" --> "Issue fields" (They don't have to be visible but must exist on the issue)
  • Go to "General" --> "Settings" --> "Contract and SLA settings" 
  • Create a work schedule (if you haven't done so before), call it default (or something similar), with Monday - Friday work hours of 8-17 (or whatever suits you)
  • Create a SLA target
    • Set Title/name to "1 day reminder" (or something similar)
    • Set Target to Active
    • Set Trigger to "Issue hasn't changed for" - 8.0 hours (one normal work day)
    • Set criterias for your issues, such as :
      • Status : New
      • Issue type : Support issue
    • Save the SLA target
    • Edit the SLA target
    • Edit the "Projects and escalations" to define what should happen when the SLA Target is triggered, such as:
      • Click the checkbox for the project you want to monitor (such as your support / help desk project)
      • Click on the "Edit escalations" link on the right
      • Add escalation and specify what should happen, such as changing owner or sending out an email
      • Save escalation selection and SLA Target
  • Create a SLA 
    • Set Title/name to "General"/"Default" (or something similar)
    • Select "Active" checkbox 
    • Select "Default" checkbox
    • Select the SLA Targets to use, select checkbox for the "1 day reminder" checkbox created above
    • Click Save



Please note that the SLA monitoring above will only affect new issues created

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