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 What happens if we do not pay our invoices on time? Export knowledge base Export     SubscribeSubscribe      Show article info

Hopefully this will not happen. However, we will remind you through a warning dialog box in the system if you haven't paid your invoice 1 week after the due date.

  • If you haven't paid your invoice 2 week after the due date a harsher message will be shown in the dialog box will be shown
  • If you haven't paid your invoice 3 weeks after the due date we will contact you by email/phone/fax or regilar mail.
  • If we haven't received payment within 4 weeks of the invoice date we will initiate our debt recovery procedures via one of our partner companies in the country your organization is located.
  • If an invoice has not been paid in time an additional penalty charge may be added to your next invoice. The current late payment penalty charge is 20 EUR plus an interest rate of 10.25% of the total invoice amount.

If you have any questions about our invoices or the payment procedures please contact us at

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