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I'm using VisionProject for Support, how do I visualize the support queue/task list?


This is an outline of a support setup:


  1. Create a support project, or decide which existing project should be used for support.
  2. In the project, configure the email ticket system. Read more here: The email ticket system
  3. Be sure to set sensible statuses for the incoming and outgoing replies, like "Msg received" and "Msg sent". 
  4. Also set the '"Email reply" is selected status' - to 'Work in progress' (This will set an issue to WiP as soon as any one starts to write a reply, preventing two people to start working on the same issue.)
  5. Create an issue filter in the General - Search page with something like this:
    1. Status is equal to 'New', 'Assigned', 'Work in Progress' and 'Msg received' (Depends on the actual statuses used).
    2. Additional criteria as needed. For example "Issue type is equal to 'Support issue'", or "User group is equal to '2nd line support"(if you use two levels of support, for example)
  6. Create a Dashboard portlet that uses the issue filter. (Bottom left on dashboard "Select content" -> Saved searches/filters -> choose the support filter created in point 5). Save.
  7. (Alternatively, you can just use the filter on the issues list in the support project)


With this setup, it should be clear what the active support queue is. When new issues enter the system via the ticket system, they show up in the portlet or filter list. When they have been closed or replied to, they don't show up in the filter/portlet.


The support personnel then have a clear goal - to keep the support portlet/queue as empty as possible!

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