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 Where can I download the installation/upgrade files for VisionProject? Export knowledge base Export     SubscribeSubscribe      Show article info

To get the installation you have to:

  1. Go to our Support Center (
  2. Login to the support center with your username and password
    • The username for our support center is normally your email address with the prefix vp_ (such as
    • Use the password for our support center (not your regular VisionProject login)
    • If you forgot your password then you can get a new password here:
  3. Click on the Documents link
  4. Open "VisionProject Installations" folder
  5. Download the installation/upgrade for the latest version version, such as VisionProject-X.Y.Z-installer.jar 
  6. Before running an upgrade always take a full backup of all files, documents and database. We also strongly recommend running the upgrade in a test environment first, more information on this here...
  7. Run the installation by following the instructions below!

The installation instructions for a complete installation can be found here:

The installation instructions for an upgrade can be found here:


For information about the changes in the new latest releases, see here:

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