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 What happens if I receive an email into my private mailbox? Export knowledge base Export     SubscribeSubscribe      Show article info

The main idea with a system like VisionProject is that you use a couple of standard email accounts through which you communicate with your customers, such as,, and so on.

This means that you avoid using your own personal mail account and instead use your team's mail account when you communicate with customers, which has many benefits. For example this means that your team can be handle all incoming emails collectively and even handle emails from customers if the person that the customer talked to last isn't available for some reason.


Sometimes however you may receive an email to your personal email box that you would like to re-direct to the email box monitored by VisionProject.


To do this there is a function available in Outlook called "resend this message"


You use this function by following the steps below:

  • Double click on the email
  • Click on the function "Message" --> "Other actions" --> "Resend this message"
  • Click Yes on the popup saying "You do not appear to be the original sender of this message. Are you sure you want to resend it?"
  • Change the To: field to the email address for the mailbox that VisionProject monitors, such as support@<mycompany>.com
  • Click send


What can I do if I don't have permission to "resend this message"?


If you are using an exchange server (instead of a generic hosted email solution), somtimes it is configured in a way that permissions to the function "resend this message" is blocked for users. In this case you will have to speak to your exchange/mail administrator (or your hosting provider) to lift this permission restriction.


Another solution is that you add the email ticket system's email account (such as for support@<mycompany>.com) and map it in your Outlook as well. Then instead of "resending the message" you can just drag any email into the INBOX for the email ticket system.

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