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You have two options to run the installation program, using the Graphical installation or the Console installation (see below for a description of the Console installation).


Using the Graphical installation program


If you are on a "graphical environment" you can use the graphical installation program. Just double-click on the file: VisionProject-x.x-installer.jar and the installation will start. It is necesary in windows to run the installation program as administrator. The easiest way in recent versions of windows  to make sure that you run the installation program as administrator is to run cmd.exe as administrator and start the installation program from there.


Below is a few screenshots of the most important steps in the installation.


Specify if the installation is a new installation or an upgrade


Knowledge Base Images/Installation/graphical_install_4.png



Here you specify where VisionProject should be installed


Knowledge Base Images/Installation/grapical_install_5.png



Specify where documents should be placed


Knowledge Base Images/Installation/grapical_install_6.png



Specify database information


Knowledge Base Images/Installation/grapical_install_8.png



When the database setup is complete you should see this screen


Knowledge Base Images/Installation/grapical_install_10_2.png











Using the Console installation program


You can run the installation from a console as well. Just execute the following at the prompt:



java -jar VisionProject-x.x-installer.jar -console



Knowledge Base Images/Installation/console_install_all.png



1. Select type of installation: 0 for a new installation

2. Specify where VisionProject should be installed

3. Specify where VisionProject should put documents

4. Specify the database and user credentials for the database


NOTE! To install the chat module, follow the installation instructions for the chat module available here


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