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First you need to make sure that all required components are installed on the server:

Using Linux? Please note that some minor instructions might differ such as the paths and the way to install Java and Tomcat. 

If you need to install Java and/or Tomcat on your Ubuntu server, you will find the tutorial below very handy:


Installing Tomcat 7 on Ubuntu


Install and configure MS SQL Server or MySQL

  • Create a database named VisionProject
  • (Optional) Create a new database user for VisionProject and make sure that the user has complete/admin/db_owner priviliges for the new database
  • If you use MS SQL Server the database needs to be set up using Mixed mode authentication
  • If you are using MySQL make sure your database is installed and configured to use utf-8 character set and using InnoDB storage engine


Download and install Java 8.


The JDK for Java 8 can be downloaded from here:


If you are new to installing the JDK, see more information here:

Please note that Open JDK should not be used
(even if it comes pre-installed in your operating system) - use standard Java from Oracle above



Download and install Apache Tomcat


VisionProject should be run with Tomcat 7.0 and we recommend the latest version by Apache, do not use any other distribution. 


Install Tomcat as a Windows Service. Tomcat 7.0.x can be found here: --> choose the latest stable binary distribution of the Windows Executable


Please note!


  • Do not install Tomcat at a location with spaces in the path, so don't use "c:\program files\tomcat", instead use c:\Tomcat7\ or similar
  • It is recommended that the HTTP/1.1 Connector port is set to 80, the default port is otherwise set to 8080. (you can configure this in the server.xml file in Tomcat). Please note that you need to make sure the port you intend to use is not already in use by some other service on the server, otherwise VisionProject won't start.
  • Do not use any vendor specific distribution of Apache Tomcat (such as the Red Hat distribution), since we will/can not provide you with technical support.


Also note!


  • If you are running Tomcat 7 then you need to change the context.xml (in tomcat_home/conf). It should start with the root element :

    <Context useHttpOnly="┬Łfalse"> instead of <Context>

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