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 How do I import issues (tickets/cases) from other systems? Export knowledge base Export     SubscribeSubscribe      Show article info

It is common that customers move from other systems that they have outgrown. There are several options to do this:


Customers import data themselves

  • Using the import functions for issues/cases, users/contacts, companies/customers 
  • Developing a small import application that import data into the database or using the web service API


More info on this is available here...

VisionFlow assists with the import

Import from existing database

We can also assist you with the work of importing issues by writing an import utililty that you can run on your server to import the issues/tickets. In this case you will need to send us the database for your existing system, and we also need a database backup of your VisionProject database (to know how you have configured the system). We also need to communicate with you about what data to import and how to map data internally into your VisionProject database during this work. Depending on the data you want to import and the structure of it the the time it takes to import it varies but it normally takes 1-2 days to perform.  

Import from exported file

A simple way to import old data into VisionProject is to do this by sending us a csv/excel file to import data from. The file should include all data for issues/cases/tickets that you want to import. To easily see what fields exists for your issues/cases/tickets in VisionProject you can export a file from Project --> Issues tab --> Export icon (top right corner of the tab)



If you have any questions and want any assistance importing data, just let us know.


Note: We do not recommend import of more than 2000 objects at a time since that slows the system down. If more objects needs to be imported divide them into groups of a maximum of 2000 and then add more groups once the first is imported.

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