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 How can we extend VisionProject on our own? Export knowledge base Export     SubscribeSubscribe      Show article info

If you want to extend the system and add functionality, or to integrate it with other systems then there are several extension capabilities.




You can develop your own hooks to perform actions in the system, such as when saving user data or issue/task data. 


This could for example be used if data should be transferred to another system after an update of data is performed in VisionProject.


More info on this here...


Web service API


The web service API is extensive and by using this it is easy for you to push data into the system or pull data from it. This is useful when integrating VisionProject with other systems, such as accounting systems. 


More info on this here...


Create your own general actions and in new tabs


In settings --> general --> General links


This could for example be a link to your internal intranet or some other web site


VCS Commit


If you want to push data into the system from your IDE (developer environment), you can use our commit hook framework.


It supports :

  • CVS
  • SVN
  • GIT
  • Web hooks (such as from beanstalk)


More info in this here...


Build hooks


You can integrate VisionProject with your build environment, such as Jenkins or CruiseControl, or your own tool. 


More info on this here...


Custom development


We can also offer custom development, i.e. you can finance/order specific functionality that we develop for you.


If you need help with integrating VisionProject with your internal systems in your organizations then we can assist with this as well.


Just contact us on and we'll discuss this futher.


keyword: integration


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