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The chat module in VisionProect supports the open XMPP standard. This means that you can use it together with any compatible chat client!


This also that several advanced features are available to you as soon as you, such as :


  • Use a local XMPP/JABBER client to reply to any chat message sent to you from VisionProject  - even if you are logged into VisionProject itself
  • Use a mobile phone XMPP/JABBER client - reply to chat messages  - even if you are not sitting in front of your computer
  • You can see who's online in VisionProject even if you are not
  • Get better notifications, so that you never miss any chat messages:              
    • Clearly visible alerts show in the toolbar or as popups in your OS
    • You get better sound alerts
  • You can chat with anyone that is using VisionProject directly from your XMPP client 
  • You can set the JABBER/XMPP client to auto-login as soon as you start your computer


Using the Vacuum IM client

Of all the XMPP clients we've tried we have seen that the Vacuum IM client works best. We therefore strongly recommend usin the Vacuum IM client, since this has been extensively tested with VisionProject. It will work out of the box for individual user chat, group chat (in your rooms) and issue chats. For live support chats, please see the heading "How can we handle support chats efficiently" at the end of the page for a recommended way to handle this.


You can find the Vacuum client here:


When using a separate XMPP client plesse note the following:


  • The client with the highest status priority setting will control what status that is shown in VisionProject to your colleagues/peers
  • By default The Vacuum chat client will get the highest priority if it is running. This means that if you start Vacuum, all chat messages or notifications will go there...
  • Each client (VisionProject, Vacuum or your mobile XMPP client) will be represented as a separate resource


Using Jabiru on Android

  • Install the Jabiru app
  • Configure a Jabber account for your VisionProject user by:
    • Click on Accounts in the menu
    • Click on Add Account
    • Set a account name of your choice
    • Set your jabberId. This should be your VisionProject username with the suffix "", such as
    • Set account to active
  • Click on connect, you should now be logged into the VisionProject server


Other XMPP/JABBER clients for PC and MAC


Other IM clients that also work well with VisionProject, and have been tested quite exensively are:



There are also a lot of other IM clients available on the market, such as the ones below:


Mobile clients - available in the app stores for your mobile phone/pad

For your mobile phone, a couple of IM clients are available, such as:

  • Jabiru
  • Rechat


A lot of things are happening in the mobile arena, so if you find any new apps that work well then please let us know and we will update this list.


How can we handle support chats efficiently with an IM client

The easiest way to handle this is actually not to use the chat client itself for the chat, but just for push. 


  • Configure a chat client, such as Vacuum IM that we've recommended above
  • Set up push notifications in your user profile in VisionProject
  • Configure VisionProject so that you or the responsible user group will receive notifications for new support chats
  • When you reeive a notification, the message will look something like:  
    [V-PROJECT-13550 - Support chat with John Doe] has been updated 
    Type: Support case
    Rapportör: John Doe
  • By clicking on the link above you will open the issue in VisionProject and then you can click on the "Chat" action to start chatting with the user.

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