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A knowledge base article have several sections


Knowledge Base Images/Support center/KB_article_page.PNG



Knowledge Base Images/Icons/star_yellow.gif The header contains the article name as well as the following functions:


Edit - opens the edit article page.


Export - opens the export dialog, where you can export an article to a pdf file. 


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Show/Hide article info - shows or hides the article info section that has functions for rating, reporting articles as outdated, as well as resetting review/view counts.


Knowledge Base Images/Support center/KB_article_info_section.PNG 


  • Author: who  wrote the article initially.
  • Created: When the article was created
  • Modified: When the article was last modified.
  • Viewed: How many times an article has been viewed. When a user has viewed the article, he/she can view it again later within a week without increasing the view number. This is controlled by a cookie. This is so that when you read an article a lot in a couple of days, it will not inflate the views unduly.
  • Rate this article: Click on a radio button to rate the article, from 1 to the left (lmost negative) to 5 on the right (most positive)


Knowledge Base Images/Support center/KB_article_link_dialog.PNG

  • Direct link: Cick on the icon to open a direct link dialog with three different kinds of URL's:
    • Support center link: This URL you send to support users/end users that use the support center to view it
    • Direct link URL: this is used when sending the URL to an internal user that can login and read the article in the inside login (i.e. not the support center)
    • For internal KB links: This URL is used when you create a link in a knowledge base article that refers to another KB article. This is useful when you work with articles that are related, so you can make crosslinks. You still have to make a link in the editor, but you have the correct URL to the other article.
  • Add bookmark: Clicking this icon makes your web browser bookmark the article page.
  • Average review: This is the average number of reviews from readers of the knowledge base, measured in 1-5 gold stars, where 5 is best. You can see the average, if you hover over the stars.
  • Report as outdated: Clicking this flags the article as outdated, making it show up in the Outdated articles section. This is useful for managers of the knowledge base to see what articles they need to update.
  • Reset the article reviews to 0. Clicking this resets the reviews to 0.
  • Reset the number of views to 0. Clicking on this resets the view number to 0. This can be useful if something has artificially inflated the reads of an article.




Knowledge Base Images/Icons/star_yellow.gif Content: This section contains the main content of the article. The editor contains several options for formatting.


A note about images: We do not recomment manually pasting in images inline in the description. It is easy to lose these images when an article is changed, as they only exist on the article, and not on the project.


Here is the way we recommend you add an image:

  • Upload the image to a document folder used for the knowledge base.
  • Make it published (check the checkbox in the documents list)
  • Click to Edit an article.
  • Go to the place where you want the image, and click on the "Add image icon" (the tree). 
  • In the image chooser dialog, open the "Image list" combo, navigate to the document , and select it.
  • Save the article. 


(Yes, it is a bit cumbersome, but the documents are safely stored among the project documents. If the same image is used in many places, you can change it in one place, and have the change affect all instances of the image.) 



Knowledge Base Images/Icons/star_yellow.gif Linked issues: This table shows all issues that have linked to this article. Issues are shown with names, plus types and statuses.

Click on an issue name to open it in its own tab.



Knowledge Base Images/Icons/star_yellow.gif Comments: This list shows all comments made on the article.

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