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The "KB links" subtab contain links to different knowledge base articles

You can create links to KB articles in different ways:


  • You can create a new knowledge base article to link the issue to. This can be done in two ways:
    • By clicking on the link ("Add new KB article"). When you do this, you have the option to use the content of the issue description as the initial article content, or you can choose to create a blank KB article to edit.
    • You can also create a KB article from some issue comments - just click on the lifesaver icon, and the content of the comment will be used as the initial content for the new linked article.


  • You can also create a link to an existing article ("Link to existing KB article"). Selecting this will open a dialog where  you can find (and also read) the relevant article to link to. Select "Add link to selected article" to link the article to the issue.


The KB links to the issue are shown in a table, where each row shows one article with name and create date. Clicking on the row will open up the article viewer.


The function icons in the function column to the right are:

  • Show - this shows the article in a new viewer
  • Delete - this deletes the link. An article is never deleted itself, just the link from the issue to the article!


The article viewer: This dialog shows the folder structure on the left and the content panel to the right, allowing you to navigate the knowledge base viewing articles. There is even a search function to find articles.


Note: Some functions are not available in the KB article viewer, like voting, or editing an article. For this, you must open the article in the main knowledge base - not in the limited viewer.



For this function to work and for you to see the "KB links" sub-tab you need to make sure:
  • The user group your user have on the project/workspace level is correct and that this user group have role permission to see. You configure this in the General --> Settings --> Roles/groups --> Role permissions. 
  • You need to have at least one KB category and one KB article in your knowledge base

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