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Note: You can change what modules your account uses by going into General > Settings > Modules. (The setting was previously named "Additional features"). Note that activating extra modules will increase the cost for each internal user (that is not a support user).

Base module / platform

The core module of the system on which all other modules are built and it contains functionality such as:


  • Case/issue tracking - Flexible and powerful with notifications, workflow and escalation capabilities

  • Users and permissions - Manage the users in your organization and setup access to data and functionality based on user groups and roles
  • Search and reporting capabilities - Advanced filter and search capability with a lot of built in reports
  • Group calendar - See all common events, activities and meetings, with subscription capability
  • Time tracking
  • And much more ...



Project Management (PM) module

This module offers project mangement capabilities such as:


  • PM reports and statistics
  • Different tools for easily managing activities in a project, such as the dynamic Timeline/Gantt, Kanban and planning board etc.
  • Phase/iteration/Milestone management
  • Financial capabilities, such as budget management
  • People/resource allocation/management
  • And much more...




CRM module

This module enables functionality in the system for Customer Relationship Management and Customer support. 


It gives you the tools to manage all your customer relationships and interactions in one place, easily and efficiently. 


Functionality includes:


  • Keep track of all your customers, partners and other contact companies in one place
  • Customer (company) management                                                
    • View all customer issues/cases/activities/emails on the company card
    • Store notes on customers
    • Store documents/files on customers
    • Define different company types
    • Add any number of custom field to store custom data
    • And more ...
  • Contact person management
  • Usability                                     
    • View all issues/cases/activities on the user/contact card
    • Store notes on contacts
    • Store documents/files on contacts
    • Add any number of custom field to store custom data
    • And more ...
  • Contract management (agreement)                                                
    • Adds a "contract" section in the "general" pane where you can manage contracts
    • Extended SLA management
      • Make it possible to use different SLA's for different customers
      • Make it possible to use different SLA's for different products/services
    • You can store contract/agreement data on contracts
    • You can store notes on contracts
    • Store documents/files on customers
    • Add any number of custom field to store custom data
    • Define different contract types, such as service contracts, purchase contracts
    • And more ...
  • Customer reports - Extended reporting capabilitied for customers
  • Connection to the asset/service management module
  • Advanced company/partner access management
  • And much more ...



Email ticket system module

This module makes it possible for you to integrate VisionProject with your email server. This mean that you can update and create new tickets/issues directly from email. The whole communication with your clients and contacts can be done via VisionProject.





Support center / self service portal module

This module makes it possible for you to set up a simple web based portal for your end users along with other support / help desk functionality. 


The support center will enable you to integrate a powerful self-service (Single Point Of Contact) portal on your web site that your customers and end users can interact with.


You can find more information about the Support Center in this KB article.





Corporate branding module

This module gives you the right and capability to re-brand VisionProject with your Logotype and Domain name as well changing color schemes




Live support chat module

This chat enables all your end users (i.e. customers/clients) to invoke an chat session with your internal VisionFlow agents/users.  With this module you can add a support chat to your web site or support center so that you can communicate easily with your end users or customers.


This is a popular option to make it easier for you to interact with your customers




Enterprise/Team chat module


This chat function enables chat between the VisionFlow users. This is a powerful internal communication tool to make it easy to chat and spread information in your organization, between 2 people, and between your user groups.


Bundled with the chat module is the push functionality that makes data automatically reload/refresh in your client, this is very useful for support teams among others...


This module is also required for CTI and other data-push functions in the system




Product / Asset / inventory / CMDB module

This module can be used for managing items of different kind. This could for example be:

  • Software (systems/applications/systems)
  • Hardware (servers/PC's/printers/network infrastructure)
  • Products (retail, toys, bicycles etc)
  • Facilities (buildings, conference rooms)
  • Releases (to  tie together software/hardware releases in a cross-project way)
  • And so on ...


You can store files and any information/data on the objects/items stored, you can also setup relationships between objects and so on...


This module also enables you to manage different SLA's for different customers and services if you also use the CRM module


This module is also very useful for just generally categorizing issues/cases of different kind


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