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The hosted version of VisionProject 7.3 was released on the 12th of September 2011

See below for details about the new features and improvements in this release. If you have any questions or need some clarification in some of the areas, then just add a comment to the KB-article or send us an email.


The installed version is scheduled for release on the 16th September


Yellow star Mobile App

For 7.3 we have created a completely new mobile app for VisionProject. Initially the mobile app can be launched by opening the URL: in the web browser in your mobile device, but in the near future it will be available in the app store as well.


The mobile app works in IPhone/IPad or in Android based phones/pads.


Read more about the new mobile app here.



Yellow star Corporate/enterprise chat

You can now set up any number of chat rooms. You can also limit access to these rooms so that only certain users / user groups can see them. This is very useful when you want to communicate easily between team members in a project or withing a certain user group, such as your support team.
Since our chat module is based on open standards (XMPP), you don't need to chat within VisionProject only, you can also use an external client. There are many different clients available for your PC/MAC or even on your mobile phone/pad that you can use to communicate with your team members.

Yellow star Issue enhancements

You can now navigate in the Edit issue page, using Next, previous, First and Last buttons that take you to the next issue, preceding issue, first issue or last issue in the Issues List. 

Notifications on owner group:

It is now possible to send out specific email notifications when the Owner group" field has changed (see project settings --> notifications --> notifications)

Knowledge base links:

This new subtab on an issue shows which knowledge base articles are linked to this issue. You can link to articles, or create new linked articles directly from the issue.

You can also export issue comments/mails/replies from the issue history as a new article. This is useful if you describe something in a mail reply and also want to update the knowledge base with that info.

Copy issue:

Usability has been improved in a couple of ways. You now get a question if you want to go to the newly created issue copy, or if you want to remain on the "parent" issue, instead of going to the Issue list after copying/transfering. Also, the system remembers your preferences for you, so these are pre-selected the next time the function is used. Also, you can now choose to include issue history when copying an issue which has been requested by several customers. The new issue will have the same history, plus the "issue copied" event. 

Issue history Icon in the Issues list:

You can now have an icon that will show the issue history of the issue directly in the issues (task/ticket/case) list. Check the setting for seeing this icon in your user profile. Then just click on the icon next to an issue to see the issuehistory log.

Issue permission Icon in the Issues list:

You can now have an icon that will show the issue permission settings of the issue directly in the issues (task/ticket/case) list. Check the setting for seeing this icon in your user profile. Then just click on the icon next to an issue to see the permission settings for that issue. Note that when the permission is "All", the icon will not be shown, which makes it easy to see which issues have specific permissions set.

Support for Story points:

Story points has been added as an integer number field, and can be chosen for an issue field configuration. When using Story points, you get the option to have Burn-down graphs based on the story points instead of worked hours.

Performance improvements:

General performance improvements in Edit Issue and Email reply pages. The issue history subtab has also been tweaked for better performance.

Issue links

Improved usability to make it easuer to see and navigate between linked issues. You only need to click on the link icon and then choose what issue you want to navigate to.

Yellow star Email ticket system

Setting issue status when doing "Email Reply":
Example: You want to automatically set issues (task/ticket/case) to "Work in Progress" when someone writes an email reply. Now you can do so. When the mail is written and sent, the issue is set to the specified "reply sent"-status .


Multiple email adresses on user
By adding multiple email addresses on users/contacts it is now possible to easily store all communication related to a user in one place nomatter how many email addresses that are associated with him/her.


Access is limited to external communication for support users
All external communication is now limited for support users so that they can only see their own email conversation. This means that even if you discuss things with 3rd parties, such as 2nd line support or other external persons, the support users will not see this.

Yellow star VCS enhancements

To improve speed when working from a dev tool (IDE) these "special commands" has been added when doing a commit (using Git, Subversion or CVS):

  • owner: or o: - sets Owner on the issue. Name, email or user name can be used when specifying owner.
  • ownergroup: or og: - sets Owner group on the issue
  • solution: - sets the Solution field on the issue

By writing these commands in the comment of the commit you can execute actions inside VisionProject. Read more about this here.  

Yellow star Knowledge Base enhancements

The knowledge base have a couple of new features:

Links between issues and articles
- In the KB links subtab on the Issue page, you can either create a new linked KB article, or select an existing KB article to link to. In a knowledge base article, there is now a section for issue links, so you can see which issues (task/ticket/case) links to the article in question.


Default publish settings for KB Categories - Knowledge base categories now have a new setting that controls if newly created sub-articles and subcategories should be published externally or not. Categories can even be set to inherit this setting from parent categories.


This featue is very useful since you now can have an externally published category where all new articles get "not published" by default. Then the article authors can write and save on the unpublished article, and only set it to externally published when it is finished.



Yellow star Web service API

The Web Service API has been updated to reflect new fields in objects in VisionProject and a new method has been added as well:


ProjectIssue [] findProjectIssuesModifiedInPeriod(ProjectIssue queryObject, Date modifiedDateAfter, Date modifiedDateBefore);


With that method you can make a query like with findProjectIssues with the addition that you can limit further on Modified date.


See the documentation for the Web Service API here and remember that the Web Service API is available for hosted customers as well. 



Yellow star Contract management

A contract can now cover multiple Products/Config Items/Services.

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