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 Upgrade from VisionProject 7.2 to VisionProject 7.2.1 Export knowledge base Export     SubscribeSubscribe      Show article info
First of all; take a backup copy of your current installation, including the database!


 Shut down your Tomcat server


 Again, make sure that you have made a backup of your Tomcat webapp (all files) and the database!


Knowledge Base Images/Icons/number_3_blue.gif Extract the content from '' over your current installation.


Knowledge Base Images/Icons/number_4_blue.gif Update your VisionProject database by running the SQL script 'upgrade_from_v7.2_to_v7.2.1.sql' located in the directory: '/WEB-INF/internal_docs/installed version/db_scripts/v7.2.1/Upgrade from v7.2'. Choose the directory that match your database, MS SQL Server or MySQL.


Knowledge Base Images/Icons/number_5_blue.gif [OPTIONAL]

This section only applies if you have installed the chat module.

We denote the folder where you installed Tigase: tigase_root and the VisionProject webapp direcory: vp_root. 


1. Edit tigase_root/etc/


 Replace the line





Add this in the end (used for authentication):


--webServiceUrl = http:///service/VisionProject-v2/VisionProjectWebServiceService



2. Replace



vp_root/WEB-INF/internal_docs/installed version/configuration/chatmodule/vp-tigase-addons-1.0.0.jar


3. Restart Tigase.


4. If you are using the support chat module. You should update the scripts for the support chat with correct versions. See here.









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