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 Opening an issue from email ‑ shows info/warning text in new tab Export knowledge base Export     SubscribeSubscribe      Show article info

When you open an issue from an email you may be presented with a page/tab showing a message like:


"You already have a VisionProject instance running and the issue has been loaded there! You can close this window/tab!"


The reason for this is that you are using a web browser that doesn't allow VisionProject to open the issue directly, probably Chrome or IE.


The issue is loaded in the tab/window where VisionProject have been previously opened, if you don't see it directly then you will have to switch to that tab.



Work around for Firefox


  • Type about:config in the address field
  • A warning will be visible saying "Changing these settings may be harmful to the stability...." 
  • Click on the button "I'll be careful, I promise!"
  • On the new page that shows, search for allow_scripts_to_close_windows
  • Double click on the row in the table, so that the value switch to true
  • Close the tab
  • You will now be able to open issues directly in VisionProject
  • Next step is to set Firefox as the default browser on your PC, see here for information how to do this...

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