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The configuration items are presented as a clickable list of CI's in the issue field.



The item hierarchy is shown in the pathing. If item3 is a sub-item of item2, and a sub-sub-item of item1, then it will be shown like this: Item1/Item2/Item3.


Add or edit CI's: Click on any of the CI's or the edit icon. This opens the config item selection dialog:





The dialog has two parts, showing the available config items in the left panel, and the selected configuration items in the right panel. Select config items in the available section, then click the arrow to transfer the item to the selected panel. Alternativly, just select and drag the item over. Close the dialog by clicking save. 


Note: After selecting Config Items, you need to save the issue itself to retain the changes in the custom field. It is not enough just closing the selection dialog!

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