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To simplify release management we have a pre-defined issue/task field called "Product" and another one called "Release" which is dependent on each other.


The product field shows all releases (CI's of type product) that has been added in the CMSB/Products tree. The release field shows all releases (CI's of type release) that has been added to a product in the tree.


This would look something like:


Knowledge Base Images/Products / configuration management/Products_Tree_Search.PNG



This means that you first select the product and then all releases for that product will show up in the releases field on your issues/tasks. If you change Product for the issue/task, the Releases/Affected will be cleared, and the available options will be updated to show releases for the new product.


'Release is' single select field - you choose one CI of the release type in the tree.


'Affected releases' is a multiselect field - you choose one or more CI's of the release type in the tree shown in the popup dialog.


Knowledge Base Images/Other/ReleaseIssuefields.PNG


In the screenshot section above taken from a test issue, you can see that the product 'Red' has at least three releases: Burgundy, Crimson and Scarlet - of which Burgundy is set as the current Release. (The affected releases are shown in the order added)


This also means that you can have product - release dependencies and easily manage product roadmaps and releases in your timeline as shown below.


Knowledge Base Images/Project Management/product_release.png

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