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 Adding simple web forms to capture issues as an alternative to email Export knowledge base Export     SubscribeSubscribe      Show article info

To allow users to report bugs or create support issues you can either

  • Use email address and connect it to the email ticket systen module. This way all emails sent in by customers end up in VisionProject
  • Another solution is to use the support center/portal which makes it possible for users to log-in and create issues easily online.


However, sometimes you want to get information from customers/users in a very simple fashion. You still want the information to be structured, so you don't want them to send the information by emails.


This is why we have added the capability for you to create simple web forms that you can publish to your users. Basically, the only thing you need to do is create a html form with field names that match those for the issue that you want the user to create.


In your form you can also match any custom fields that you have created on an issue as long as the names in your form match. If you want to capture extra fields that doesn't match any fields on the issue then just add the prefix "extra_" to them and they will automatically be added to the description field of the issue.


The following fields are mandatory:

  • projectHash (hidden field)
  • issueTypeName (hidden field)
  • afterSuccessGoToThisPage or successMessage (hidden field)
  • Name
  • Email


But we also recommend at least

  • Status
  • Description


The format that should be used in the simple form is described on the page of the simple form in the project.

Since you also can add custom fields to your simple form, here are some code tips to use for different object types (note that the name of the field depends on the order number in the list):


Select list:


<select name="companyCustomField1">
<option value="1">Male</option>
<option value="2">Female</option>


Date field:

<input type="text" name="companyCustomField3" value="" />


Check box (Yes/No-fields):

<input type="CHECKBOX" name="companyCustomField5" value="1" />

Value="1" indicates the value that should be sent if the checkbox is selected.


For more information on simple forms this is available directly in the system, just

  • Go to any project
  • Click "Settings" tab
  • Click "Simple forms" tab (at the end to the right)




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